Barco ClickShare

Barco ClickShare Wireless Presentation System

We are using the Barco ClickShare wireless presentation system in several conference rooms within the HTI facilities.

The Barco allows you to simply share your laptop or mobile device on a presentation screen with no hassle, no messy cables, just quick, confident sharing. Here are the steps to use the Barco with your laptop:

  1. Connect the ClickShare Button to the USB port on your laptop. Note: If your laptop only has USB-C ports you will need to use a USB-C to USB adapter.
  2. The ClickShare Button will show up as a USB drive on your laptop and when you select the drive you will see the OneClick software that needs to be run to share your laptop.
  3. Once the OneClick software is running you can click the button to share the screen. Note: The Barco ClickShare allows multiple devices to share to the screen at the same time.

Important Notes:

  • We no longer have HDMI cables in the conference rooms.
  • The Barco ClickShare uses a USB connection to share your laptop. If you have a device that only has USB-C you will need a USB-C to USB adapter. We have some USB-C to USB adapters available for loan from the IT Department.

Barco ClickShare Button

The Barco ClickShare buttons are paired with each Barco in the room they are located in. If you take a button to another room, it will not work. For rooms that have 2 ClickShare buttons, you can share 2 laptops on the screen simultaneously.

ClickShare Display Modes

To show your content on the display in full screen just click and hold the button for 2 seconds.

Button LED Status

LED Behavior Explanation
White Blinking • The Button is plugged in the laptop and initializing or waiting for the user to start the ClickShare application.
• Pairing/software update of the Button in the Base Unit is in progress
White Static • ClickShare is ready to start sharing your screen.
• Pairing is done. You can now unplug the Button from the Base Unit
Red Static • Sharing your screen with the display.
• Pairing and software update is done. You can now unplug the Button from the Base Unit
Red An error occurred
Off (no light) • The Button is not or not properly inserted into the USB port.
• The Button might be defective.
• The USB port or computer might be defective.

Barco Mobile Device Support

The Barco does support both iOS and Android to display to the system. You will need to download the “ClickShare” application in the Apple or Android app store. Once you have the application installed you will have to connect to the Barco wireless network which will be “ClickShare-####” (#### is unique to each room) and the password “clickshare” to display to the system. You will not have access to the internet while connected to the Barco wireless network so if your device does not have cellular service, you will not have any network access.

Barco Audio Support

You may need to setup the output of the audio on your laptop to “ClickShare” for the audio to play on the speakers in the room.